Mission Statement University Mission Statement

Purdue University Mission Statement, Vision & Values

History. Traditions. Achievements. The Boilermaker story is full of milestones that have had a significant impact on our state, nation and world. See for yourself how Purdue fulfills its mission.

Purdue University Mission Statement

Purdue University Mission Statement is to help Purdue University students maximize the value of their life experiences. As we develop collaborative relationships in a safe and respectful environment, the unique value and dignity of each individual and group is held paramount. We accomplish our mission through a variety of professional services, including individual, group, and couples psychotherapy; psychological testing; psychopharmacology; crisis intervention; drug and alcohol programs; outreach and consultation; and the training of helping professionals.

Purdue University Vision Statement

Purdue University Vision Statement is to serve as a model to other institutions of higher education of ensuring equal access and equal opportunity and in implementing an effective ethics and compliance program.

Purdue University Values

  1. Promote and enhance a climate that ensures equal access and equal opportunity for all members of the University community and participants in its activities and services.
  2. Promote and enhance a culture of ethical behavior and compliance with applicable policies, laws, and regulations.
  3. Reduce liabilities and losses associated with failures to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


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