Mission Statement

IntelyCare Mission Statement, Vision & Values

IntelyCare is the leading technology driven nursing staffing firm that allows providers to have flexibility and earn compensation by picking up on-demand assignments from skilled nursing facilities.

IntelyCare Mission Statement

IntelyCare believes its most valuable asset is its employees. That’s why we strive to provide a work environment which is an open and friendly place to work, where honesty, mutual respect, teamwork and high standards are valued, and where professional growth is encouraged and supported.

IntelyCare Vision Statement

IntelyCare employs you as a professional.  Our clients demand skilled and professional nursing providers and we therefore have basic, minimum expectations for IntelyPros.  

IntelyCare Values

Effective communication forms the basis for sound relationships and a positive and productive work environment.  Our commitment to effective communication is reflected by our open door philosophy.  An employee should always feel free to contact any member of the Operations Department with work-related ideas, observations and concerns. 


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